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Helping You Achieve Financial Wellbeing
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Empowering You To Achieve Financial Wellbeing

Australian Money Mentors was created to fill what was identified as a major gap in society’s knowledge. This gap is improving people's understanding around money, to assist them in making more informed decisions to better shape their financial future.

Understanding money is something that has been severely neglected through our education system, which has been a major cause of the problem. Financial pressure also links very closely to other issues such as mental health, which is becoming more prevalent amongst today's society. Other forces such as the rapid development of technology has also meant that money now moves faster than ever, which is an advantage but also represents danger, when consumers are able to transact for goods and services, and pay for it later, leaving them in some cases with unmanageable bad debt.

Australian Money Mentors is not just about helping treat the problem, but more so preventing it in the first place, simply via education. Key topics include money management, home ownership, banking and lending, protection of lifestyle, retirement planning and investing, along with other related topics.

Did You Know Financial Stress is one of the leading causes of mental health issues and domestic violence

Prevention is better than a cure. Everyone uses money all the way through their lives from childhood, through to adolescence, adulthood and retirement.

Gone are the days of cash in the pocket, as we are now forced to navigate the way we transact through new technology.

AMM transforms people from being Financially Vulnerable to Financially Confident

We value long term relationships not just transactions. It is a journey we will accompany you on.

Improving financial outcomes for every Australian

How We Deliver Services

Sometimes its not about what we are mentoring about that is effective, it is how we deliver it!

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Recommend these guys to those in search of fresh ideas, quality products and excellent customer support. I’m their regular client and this is one of my best decisions.

Jim Wood

Jim Wood

No matter what issue or questions pops up, you are always there to assist me. Thank you so much for your excellent assistance and great customer support through years.

Billy Richards

Billy Richards

Taking risk with these guys was totally worth it. I am a regular client and has been working with these professionals for many years now. Thanks for everything guys!

Doug Warner

Doug Warner

My company is their regular client and this was one of the best decision’s we’ve ever made. Thanks a lot for your assistance and support! I really appreciate everything.

Sara	Beck

Sara Beck

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